10+ Most Engaging Presentations That You Wish You Thought Of

#11 Put This In My Powerpoint Lets See If Anybody Notices

Image source: Crunchypandas

#12 Starts New Presentation… Porn Site From Last Night Shows Up

#13 That’s When I Decided This Job Wasn’t For Me… (Actual Slide In A Recruiter’s Presentation This Morning)

Image source: chandl0r

#14 Did My Friend Piss His Pants? Nope, It’s Just The Reflection Of The Chairs In The Room

Image source: CptSandbag73

#15 College Presentations Be Like

Image source: heyrobynnn

#16 Psychology Professor Started Talking About Abnormal Behavior. This Was His Opening Slide

Image source: ebaulylod

#17 Slide Show For One Of My University’s Classes

Image source: Collin_b_ballin

#18 Honestly

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#19 I Had To Do A Senior Presentation On How I Changed In My Past 4 Years Of High School And

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#20 Just Give Me B