10+ Most Engaging Presentations That You Wish You Thought Of

#21 Partner Forgot To Change Our Names In The Presentation He Made Before He Sent It To Our Teacher

Image source: Jinndjinnjinni

#22 I’m Presenting On The Pre-Excavation Geology Of The Bingham District. My Powerpoint Is Coming Out Nicely

Image source: Ilikepiforbreakfast

#23 Presenting School Projects Like

Image source: tbhjuststop

#24 My Physics Teacher Doesn’t Like Justin Bieber Either

Image source: twss37039

#25 This Kid Probably Didn’t Get An A, But He Definitely Should Have

Image source: _grey

#26 One Of My Mom’s 3rd Grade Students Did A Presentation To The Class On Wolves. When This Slide Went Up She Panicked & Said: “Okaaaay” & Quickly Skipped To The Next Slide

Image source: schlinker

#27 Someone In My Anthropology Class Did Their Final Presentation On Memes

Image source: peanutpeepz

#28 Guest Speaker Couldn’t Realize Why Everyone Was Laughing So Much At His Presentation Slide

Image source: zomgitsduke

#29 I Wonder What His Presentation Is About

Image source: The_BroHawk

#30 So This Happened During A Group’s Presentation During Class Today

Image source: lg33

#31 Slide From My Informatics Prof’s Intro. I Think It’s Going To Be A Good Class

Image source: Lizrdman