10+ Most Engaging Presentations That You Wish You Thought Of

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#41 When You Forget You Have To Present An Art Project About Drinking And Driving

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#42 My Friend Dressed A Flappy Guy Outside Car Dealerships And Then Gave A Research Presentation

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#43 My Professor’s Last Lecture Slide

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#44 The Best Kind Of Corporate Powerpoint

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#45 My 40 Year Old Co Worker Gave A Presentation. This Was His Set Up

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#46 First Slide Of My Power Point Presentation On Korea Reunification

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#47 My Necrophysiology Professor Put This In His Powerpoint And I Laughed

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#48 Taking Notes In Psychology Today When All Of The Sudden…

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#49 Presentations In Class Be Like

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#50 So This Kid In My Class Opened Plugged In His Laptop Give A Presentation, And His Screensaver Came Up