10+ Most Engaging Presentations That You Wish You Thought Of

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#51 A Student In My Friends Speech Class Spent 5 Minutes Comparing John Cena And Jesus Christ

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#52 My Government Teacher Also Searched Himself On Twitter And Called Out A Student Mid-Power Point Presentation

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#53 So My Classmates Asked To Use My Laptop For Their Powerpoint Presentation

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#54 When The Teacher Says The Presentation Can Be On Anything You Want

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#55 Today In My Bio Class This Kid Gave A Presentation Wearing No Shoes And This Is What Some Of His Slides Consisted Of…

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#56 My Professor Gets It

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#57 Neil Degrasse Tyson Spoke At My School This Evening. This Was One Of His Opening Slides

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#58 My Teacher Just Accidentally Turned On The Projector

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#59 My Biology Teacher’s Slide Notes

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#60 This Presentation

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