10+ Most Engaging Presentations That You Wish You Thought Of

#61 When Your Teacher Was Up Late Listening To Drake And Felt Inspired

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#62 This Presentation

#63 So I Had To Do A Presentation On Feminism Today In School

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#64 My Friend Couldn’t Have Chosen A Better Shirt To Wear During A Class Presentation

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#65 And The Award For Best Presentation Goes To

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#66 Some Slides From My University’s “Bullshit Conference”

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#67 We Obviously Had The Best Presentation, It Experts At A Young Age

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#68 When You And Your Friend Are Working On A Power Point And Forget To Take This Slide Out And Your Teacher Checks It In Front Of You

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#69 A Project Member Of My Team Gave The Final Presentation With A Party Hat

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#70 Talking Harm Reduction On Canadian Psis Meanwhile A Presentation Slide On Alcohol’s Practical Risks

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#71 My Buddy Was Supposed To Come Up With Interesting Facts About The Assyrians For His Part Of The Presentation

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#72 Racist University Presentation

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