10+ Times People Were Absolutely Freaked Out By Cosplayers Who Looked Way Too Real

#41 Best Cosplay Seen Today At Tampa Bay Comiccon

Image source: TKEWill

#42 Tony Stark From The Iron Man Trilogy Films And The Avengers Movie

#43 Mr. T Of The A-Team Cosplay

Image source: Michael Blackmon

#44 Dumb And Dumber Cosplay

#45 Mad-Eye Moody Cosplay

Image source: emoposer

#46 I Raise You My King In The North Cosplay

Image source: A-Haircut

#47 I See Your King Of The North And Margaery Tyrell Cosplays, And Raise You The Red Viper

Image source: AndyValentine

#48 Samuel L. Jackson

Image source:  SurreaL 88

#49 Spot On Nichols Cosplay At Manchester Comic Con

Image source: Magalabungalaho

#50 Madonna Cosplay

Image source: NurPhoto

#51 Daenerys Targaryen From Game Of Thrones By Mikodoescosplay

Image source: MikoDoesCosplay

#52 So I Found This Rick Grimes Cosplay At Metrocon

Image source: ajtpak

#53 Mulder, It’s Me

Image source: obeliscolychny

#54 Tomb Raider

Image source: summakeup