15 People Who Said They Didn’t Want The Damn Cats

#1 “No, I Don’t Want To Hold A Kitten”

#2 Our Cat Only Loves Our Dad, Who Hates Her

#3 My Dad, Who Hates Cats, Built Bunkbeds For My Boys

#4 My Boyfriend Said He Doesn’t Like Cats. This Is Him Now

#5 Boyfriend Says He Does Not Like Cats. I Think He Is Full Of Shit

#6 I Wanted A Cat. My “Not A Cat Person” Boyfriend Did Not. We Got One Because It Would Make Me Happy. Guess Whose Cat She Is

#7 I’m Not A Cat Person But I’ll Make An Exception

#8 My Dad Swears He Hates Cats

#9 My Dad Never Wanted A Cat, And Look At Him Now

#10 When We Met 13 Years Ago He Told Me, “I’m More Of A Dog Person, Really”

#11 Dad Says He Doesn’t Like The Cat, Saw This

#12 Before I Got My Kitten, My Boyfriend Said He Didn’t Like Cats. Now I Have Been Demoted To “Princess #2”

#13 My Dad Doesn’t Want A Cat But The Cat Definitely Wants My Dad

#14 If You Ask Him, “F*ck No, I’m Not A Cat Person”

#15 Caught A Picture Of My Cat With My Friend Who Adamantly “Hates Cats”