Aitebaar Drama in Hot Water! 

Recently aired Hum TV drama serial Aitebaar is facing backlash for its absurd narrative. The people are not happy with the storyline as it’s misleading and extremely fictional. Earlier, the serial created a huge hype for its stellar cast, the critics called it a pre-release hit. The things are not the same, and the serial isn’t getting much popularity. People have started to criticize the ideology it is promoting. The internet is flooded with hat comments about the serial.

Aitebaar Drama


Aitebaar Drama Cast and Storyline

Aitebaar Drama

The serial is featuring a star-studded cast including Arez Ahmad, Syed Jibran, Ali Safina, Zarnish Khan, Areeba Shahood Alvi, Mahmood Aslam, Sheherzad Noor Pirzada, Michelle Mumtaz, and Hamza Tariq Jamil. The Syed Jibran and Zarnish khan duo is leading the serial. The two are playing the lead roles. All actors are exhibiting the best of their talents. No doubt, the serial is interesting to watch apart from the storyline. Its story is degrading women and hurting the sentiment of many viewers. It’s the reason the serial is facing backlash.


Aitebaar Drama Controversial Part

Aitebaar Drama

The serial took a gross turn after Zarnish managed to escape from the goons after her kidnapping. The tragedy shook her up, she wanted to get her life back on track. Having suffered so much, and saving her from the death trap, the lucky girl isn’t happy at all. Her husband has started to abuse her for no reason, and she couldn’t figure it out. However, the serial depicts that her husband thinks that she’s been raped during her kidnapping that’s why he can’t accept her.

A scene from the recent episode is also getting viral on the internet. The audience is very angry about it. It shows Zarnish begging for trust from her husband. The people think it’s totally wrong, it’s the time when she needs full care from her husband, and he’s mistreating her. The social media platforms are on fire, the audience wants PEMRA to take action and discontinue the serial. It is even labeled as a sexist serial.

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