Angna Drama in Hot Water! 

Recently released Angna Drama lands into controversy for promoting domestic violence. The serial had been creating a lot of hype for its different narrative and new genre compared to typical Pakistani TV content. However, just after a few episodes its popularity declined, many people don’t like the approach it is using to highlight social issues. The problem is with the narrative, not with the cast or overall plot. The viewership is dropping and fans are getting furious.

Angna Drama

Angna Drama and the Public Outrage

Angna Drama

In a recent episode aired on Ary Digital, Ali Abbas slapped Rabab Hashim over an insignificant issue. The two are playing as a couple in the serial. After the episode aired, the scene got viral across all social media platforms. The public showed an outrageous response, at least a ton of posts were shared against the serial. Every post’s comments section was flooded with hate comments. Pakistani society is very sensitive when such issues are concerned. A wave of emotions is evident in case anything goes wrong.


Rubina Ashraf and her Support for Angna Drama

Things were settling down, but hours after the episode aired, Rubina Ashraf showed up to ignite a wildfire. She’s playing the role of Rabab’s mother-in-law (Saas) in the serial. When she supported the scene by giving a lame excuse, the people couldn’t control their rage. According to her opinion, it’s common in every Pakistani household, all men slap their wives for literally no reason. Seeing her moral lapse, the people are questioning her character. She’s even threatened not to take such roles in the future.


Here are the public comments on the Controversy;

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