Ayeza Khan has Most Instagram Followers in Pakistan 

The national ‘pride of performance’ award winner, the superstar of Pakistan’s media industry Ayeza Khan once again reached the top. She is currently the most followed Pakistani celebrity on Instagram. The gorgeous starlet always stays at the top. Be it TV, film, or fashion Ayeza is comparable to none. She’s exceptionally talented and knows well to present herself. It’s the reason she has aced every career.

Ayeza Khan Instagram Followers

Ayeza Khan and the Instagram Followers Race

Ayeza Khan Instagram Followers

It’s a kind of superstar dilemma in Pakistan that the actors with the most followers on Instagram are considered well-achieved. The race to get a large number of followers on social media platforms is fierce amongst the stars. Ayeza is an old player in the game, she is ranked most followed Pakistani celebrity on Instagram various times. However, she can’t manage to retain her position, maybe because of weak media teams. Ayeza has also made it to the headlines for getting fake followers on social media. Although she denies such allegations, it could also be true.


Ayeza Khan Followers on Instagram

Ayeza Khan Instagram Followers

As of now, Ayeza has record 11 Million followers on Instagram. She’s the most followed Pakistani celebrity surpassing all other Pakistani stars. Earlier, Ayeza was the second most followed starlet on Instagram. It’s not about the followers only, the gorgeous actress has also posted 3,889+ stories. She always takes some time to update her fans on daily activities.

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