Barwaan Khiladi Started Off on a High Note!

The much-hyped series Barwaan Khiladi is finally out now. Its first episode got viral across all social media platforms. There are mixed opinions about the series, many fans think it couldn’t live up to the expectations. However, a large number of audiences are quite happy with the content and presentation of the characters. Only two episodes are released yet, it’s early to have an opinion about the series. It may get more exciting when the story advances.

Barwaan Khiladi

Barwaan Khiladi Cast and Other Details

Barwaan Khiladi

The series is produced by Mahira Khan’s Soul Fry Films, the starlet has ventured into production with this project. It has been directed by renowned director Adnan Sarwar, and the storyline is the brainchild of writer Shahid Dogar. Barwaan Khiladi features a star-studded cast including Danyal Zafar, Shahveer Jaffry, and Kinza Hashmi. Moreover, the series also got into headlines multiple times before release for its unusual plot and additions to the cast.

Barwaan Khiladi: A Sneak-peek into the First two Episodes

Barwaan Khiladi has started in the best possible way, the starting was so intriguing that it has hooked the audiences for the rest of the episodes. The two main characters Jahangir (Shahveer) and Akbar (Danyal) have got into a furious fight. They’re fighting over the captain’s place in the cricket team. At first, Jahangir tried to twist the arms of Akbar, later they got into an open fight. Now, the big question is what’ll happen next?

The public is super-crazy for the series, the cricket fever is still high after PSL, and the cricket enthusiast has got a series based on their favorite sport. It isn’t less than a treat for cricket lovers. If you haven’t watched the series, you’re missing a big thing. Stay tuned on TrollerDude for more updates!