Kala Doriya Upcoming Hum TV Drama 

Kala Doriya, the upcoming family TV drama is getting closer to its final release. It was announced a few months back but hasn’t been in the news since then. Most recently, the writer shared an update from the serial. There’s a major addition in the cast of the serial. The news has excited the fans, they’re eagerly waiting for the release. Considering the recent developments, it looks like the serial will hit the screens very soon.

Kala Doriya Drama

If we draw a comparison to understand the context of the serial, it’s quite similar to the superhit Suno Chanda. Both serials have the same genre and cast, even the writer is the same. The super-talented Saima Akram Chaudhry has penned down its plot, she has written top serials like Chupke Chupke & Ishq Jalebi. The serial is featuring Farhan Saeed and Sana Javed as in Suno Chanda.


Changes in ‘Kala Doriya’ Star Cast

Kala Doriya Drama

The writer Samina Chaudhry has dropped an exciting note about the serial on her Instagram. She told that the emerging star of Pakistan’s media industry Usman Mukhtar has joined the cast of the serial. The news triggered many rumors on social media platforms. People are speculating that the lead star Farhan Saeed has been dropped from the cast, many also think that the whole star cast is going to be changed. However, the authenticity of these speculations isn’t confirmed yet. No one from the makers has come forward to clear off the rumors.


Kala Doriya Drama Serial Release Date

Kala Doriya Drama

It’s quite early to talk about the release date. The serial is in the making, an addition in the cast is also recorded recently. It means the serial will still take more time to release. The serial will air on Hum TV very soon.

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