Zarnish Khan Dance Video takes Internet on Fire 

The super-talented starlet Zarnish Khan is spellbinding her fans with magical dance moves. Her dance video from a wedding function has gone viral on the internet. She seems to be a talented dancer, her dance performance is outstanding. The fans are also knocked out by her jaw-dropping gorgeous looks, the way she’s dressed is turning heads. No doubt, the video is a treat for her fans and followers.

Zarnish Khan Dance Video

Zarnish has aced her TV career. She has proved her mettle with back-to-back spectacular acting performances. She’s even called the rising star of Pakistan’s media industry. The young girl is all set to hit heights with her exceptional talents. Be it Ye Dil Mera or Sun Yaara, the way Zarnish has presented her left the audience in awe. It’s because she knows how to win hearts and hook up anyone.



Zarnish Khan in the Dance Video

Zarnish tried her dance moves at a friend’s wedding function. To be precise, it was the Mehndi Night, the actress couldn’t resist dancing on the beats. She went up to the stage and simply rocked it. The song was also a story in itself, she chose “Dil Tote Tote Ho Gaya” for giving her friend the wedding gift. It was quite a moment when everyone stood up cheering her. The starlet put the video on the show, and it went viral minutes. She called it the ‘Mehndi Madness’ with the gang.

Zarnish Khan Dance Video

Moreover, Zarnish’s outfit is also part of the gossip. She looked heavenly in a long-style dark green Lenhga with a sleeveless top. It was beautifully put together with gold-colored embroidery which added more to its charm. The designer of the super-stylish outfit is yet unknown. No doubt, it was a great work of art with attention to detail. And most importantly Zarnish was killing it in that Lehnga. Want to see it? Have a look here;

Watch Zarnish Khan Dance Video [Click Here]

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